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1:1 Therapy by a certified Behavioral Therapist, with case supervision provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Parent Training & Coaching in Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavioral Therapist Classroom Aide support in your child's private school, child development center, daycare, or after-school program

Behavioral Therapy and Parent Training with your child & family in your "natural environment" (i.e., wherever your child is more likely to engage in behaviors of concern
&/or have opportunities to practice his/her new skills)

Inclusion of family members (& siblings) in therapy, when appropriate, for greater
generalization of skills across people and environments 

Clincal Team Meetings & Quality Assurance Checks to ensure ongoing parent and team satisfaction with service delivery, programming, and overall progress
Remote consultation, training, and/or supervision throughout the United States via secure video sessions using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing (e.g., FaceTime configurations for iPads)
Children are "matched" into groups by chronological age, developmental age, level of
functioning, and skills needing to be learned &/or practiced

Small groups/play dates (e.g., 2 or 4 child-pairs) may be recommended based on your
child's age & needs

All groups are coordinated & supervised by supervisory-level ABA Team Members

All groups are facilitated in a 1:1 or 2:1 Child/Therapist ratio (depending on the level of
training & support your child needs)
We offer fun, interactive, and structured Social Skills Groups
for children, ages 3 to 17 years:
Our experienced BCBA/BCaBA-level team members provide Behavior Consulting and In-Service Training to residential facilities for children and adults, private families, public and private schools, child development centers, adult day care centers, parent groups, and other public and private organizations.
* Additional topics are available in our in-service library and can be customized to meet your organization's training needs. Or, you can request an organization or client-specific ABA training program.
Some of our past presentations have included:
An Introduction to ABA

Teaching Functional Communication using verbal language &/or PECS

Learning basic American Sign Language

Faciliating and Teaching Play and Social Skills

Conducting Functional Assessments/Functional Behavior Assessments

Writing ISP's or BIP's. We can also be contracted to write ISP's & BIP's for your

Mandated Reporting Guidelines (per county or state requirements)

Identifying Functions of Behavior

Preventing, Re-Directing, and Extinguishing Behaviors of Concern

Motivating Acquisition of Replacement Skills

Reducing Food Selectivity/Increasing types/texture of food consumed

Reducing Stereotypy (i.e., non socially functional repetitive behaviors)

Sensory Integration & Desensitization to increase tolerance/acceptance to stimuli

Prompt Hierarchies and Prompt-Fading
Behavioral Therapy & Parent Training
Social Skills Groups
We offer the following in-home, school, and community-based behavioral therapy services to children, ages 1 to 17 years:
Consulting & In-Service Training
Training & Supervision
for ABA Practitioners
   Seeds for
Our experienced BCBA/BCaBA-level team members provide training and supervision to current and future ABA Therapists/Practitioners.

    Feel free to contact us via our "Contact Us" tab if:
You are interested in becoming a Behavioral Therapist/Behavior Interventionist

You are looking for individual or group BCaBA or BCBA Supervision

You are interested in "in person" classroom style
   training towards becoming a certified Behavioral
   Therapist/Behavior Technician.

You are looking for supplemental ABA training

You are seeking continuing education units

You are interested in part-time or full-time
   employment with flourish ABA. Please note that we
   typically hire individuals interested in pursuing
   careers in ABA or related fields (e.g., Psychology,
   Social Services, etc.). We welcome part-time college
   students, but do not hire "seasonal" employees.
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are offered in Orange and Los Angeles County.
Site-Based Services
Remote Services
Secure, web-based services are available
throughout the United States.
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