Only hiring smart, ethical “warm fuzzies” who enjoy working with children and are excited about the field of ABA

Conducting thorough Department of Justice fingerprint background checks, as well as social media checks
Providing our therapists with training above and beyond what is required in the field

Verifying Behavioral Therapists are certified in ABA. Parents can verify their therapist's cerification # on-line through the applicable certifying agency
Ensuring our 1:1 Behavioral Therapists receive regular on-site supervision from a BCBA, BCaBA, or QAS

Ensuring all cases are regularly monitored by a Board Certfied Behavior Analyst

Conducting regular Quality Assurance "check-ins" with our ABA teams and families

Holding agency-wide clinical staff trainings on current research/interventions in the field of ABA

Maintaining consistent therapy schedules with our families

Limiting the number of cases assigned to our supervisors to ensure our clients' programs are consistently and effectively monitored

Assigning designated “Support Coordinators” to our Families, Behavioral Therapists, and Supervisors

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Our Pledge to our Clients & Team Members Includes:

Flourish ABA was created by a team of experienced Behavioral Health professionals wanting to design and work for an ABA agency that truly “walks the walk,” by actively applying the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to both its clients and team members.

Flourish ABA’s Managers, Supervisors, and Behavioral Therapists pledge to systematically provide a nourishing and supportive environment that focuses on working as a united team in the best clinical interest of our clients.

Toll Free: 1-833-FLOURISH